Running in all weathers

by admin

I had a morning run with two clients and it was raining cats and dogs. When we reached the sea shore we also got the wind in front of us - a hard wind. I have to say I was extremely happy with my running gear. There is a reason why we use Adidas, Bridgedale and Camelbak. We always have the possibility to dress according to the weather and everything works well be it hot, cold or wet outside. 

Now that we started to run more trail runs, it gets even more important. The shoes need to tackle different surfaces, moist and dirt and the clothing needs to give protection and warmth. Well the summer in Finland is so short that it is more cold than hot weathers when we run :) Right now I can't wait my new Adidas trail running shoes to arrive. This far I have used Adidas Energy Boosts in hard test runs. They have functioned well and are still in good shape. But I must give lots of credit to Bridgedale socks also. Never ever had problems with socks and I have run in pretty many conditions.

One thing more. We all share the love for Camelbaks. We need them to carry water, First Aid, phones etc. They really perform well both in city and trails. You never need to adjust them during runs and they hang in there peacefully and with no extra effort.

We are a tough test laboratory every time we go for a run. We don't use anything that doesn't perform well. This far nothing has failed. We also give feedback to our partners of how their gear function in Finnish conditions. That´s why it is nice to recommend the gear we run in.