Group and Corporate Events

Evening Programs

If you need a full evening program to your event or congress try a healthier alternative. We can organize a memorable evening starting with a lecture on a subject like motivating yourself to move or how to build your training program. Or maybe you would like to hear about how to eat when training. Following the lecture we can give you some guidance on running technique or make a condition test or some other test. Then we will take you running in smaller groups. You can end the evening with a sauna and a dinner. If you want to give everybody something which will make them remember the event: ”I ran Helsinki” Adidas training shirt is a perfect gift.

Groups Runs

If your group has limited time in Helsinki and there are people who would love to run and see places. You can order our group run. Basically it is different routes with different paces for all different conditions, but of course you can add more content to it from our lectures, t-shirts or technique teaching.

Training Camps and Training Schools

If you would like to organize a training camp or a longer training school for your company or some other group, ask our running/training schools. They consist of different lectures, technique teaching and group runs. We will teach how to make your own training program or we can do them to each and everyone to fit everybody personally. We can test and interview everybody beforehand in order to find a program that motivates him or herself


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